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Sunday, 25 July 2010

I'm not particularly fond of real insects I must admit .I can admire the beautiful colours and weird shapes but I couldn't bring myself to touch most of them . I've always liked caterpillars though ...........

I have been making some jewellery based on insects ,but first the real thing.This is as far as I can tell the caterpillar of the lime hawkmoth which I found in my back garden next to the bin.(this is it on the bin) it squirmed about like mad when I picked it up. I think that would be very off putting for a bird in search of a good meal. We have three enormous lime trees in our garden, there's certainly no shortage of food for this beastie. The blue horn is at its bottom end I think....

This on the other hand is a leaf beetle that I have made up. I think it is pretending to be a leaf and 2 berries.

He is made from brass and has silver feelers.

I'm not sure whether to add colour to this millipede, blue and green or red and blue? I think it wold be fun to have a trail of these running up a jacket and down your back.

Ok a ladybird, the obvious insect to make, everyone likes ladybirds, except when they crowd into your house in the winter, this one is a little different as he has a translucent back and you can seen stripes under the cold enamel.

A copper and brass bug , viewed from underneath this looks like an alien, from on top he's quite cute I think.

And the biggest of the lot a staghorn beetle, not terribly anatomicaly accurate, I think the top set of legs are supposed to higher up, they got joggled a bit when I was soldering them on and I didn't want to ruin him by trying to move them. This beastie is 7 cms long and about 5 cms wide toe to toe. He would look great crawling up a black coat, or you could just frame him as a picture.....