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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New shop opened..................

My own shop is open at last, everything (ok nearly everything ) all under one roof so to speak........I have been working on this for the last 3 weeks, listing that many things at once can be very boring.I have also had to contend with the fact that my computer decided it didn't want to cut and paste anymore in the middle of it all, computers are such temperamental things. I'm sure there are lots of things that need tweeking so if anyone finds any obvious faux pas let me know please.
I decided to make it including delivery as the delivery thingy was driving me nuts, especially the foreign bit. So for now anyone from outside the U.K. will need to email me and I'll do it as a special listing.

Otherwise its been a dog and bird week
I visited a lovely artistic lady in my day job capacity to sell her a boiler, she had a very cute dog that insisted on sitting on my lap at every opportunity,as a result of which
this little chap was born .Dont ask me what sort of dog it was I havn't a clue, it was too big for sitting on my lap though ,I know that much. Oh and if you are interested I did sell the boiler ...
Dog no 2 is altogether fiercer

I think he's a guard dog , guarding your pocket, yes one leg is longer than the other. I didn't notice until I was choosing the photos for the listing.It isn't so obvious in real life. This is one of those pieces which is impossible to photograph as there are reflections from everywhere....
In addition to the 2 dog brooches, I made 3 little bird brooches.

I had some small bits of brass to use in between larger pieces, birds are good for using that sort of space up,the original idea was to make a robin, but I decided I liked them better plain in he end.
A couple of christmas trees are waiting to be photographed tomorrow if the weather is a bit better.........more about them next week,
That's it for now, I must find out how to do a proper link for my shop but its a bit late at night for that now .