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Monday, 11 April 2011

whiskers up or down?

I came across a really cute video of a kitten sucking its paw the other day,and as I'd got a stinking horrible cold and cough and couldn't face going into the shed to do some work I decided to do some drawing/painting inspired by the cute kitten instead. I thought as well I would share some of the drawings enroute to a final painting............

this was the first , which after a bit of fiddling about changed to

but I thought this smacked too much of cuteness, I dont really like the idea of cats in nappies, a bit too disney for me , so

this was the final drawinng that became the unfinished painting that is here.

It wasnt until I'd finished that I thought it bares a cetain resemblance to the Puss in Boots of Shrek fame, this was accidental, I was wondering what colour to paint him when I thought why not ginger its a nice sunny warm colour as it was a nice sunny warm day. He does look a bit like he's wearing the orange version of the cartoonists swag/robber jumper....
What I cant decide is what to do with the whiskers,if you go to my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Hollowbourne/111510052210161?closeTheater=1 you will find two versions of this, one whiskers up one down. In one he looks happy like he's just thoughtfully biting his nails. In the other he looks like he's been caught in the act of doing something he shouldn't have. Its amazing how a different direction can make one simple painting have two meanings . So what does anyone think? Guilty or content?

here are a couple of other variations
on a theme....one of these will be my
new cat booch, I'm not sure which yet.