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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Frankenrobot the mad scientist


 It was a dark and stormy night when Frankenrobot lurched out of the castle looking for a subject suitable for his lateast research. He clanked and screeched along the road, his rusting legs much in need of a good oil. What poor unfortunate creature was facing its doom tonight?

The robot rolled his eyes, searching high and low for some living animal on which to work his evil experiment. It was getting much harder to find suitable material as his fell experiments had emptied the forest surrounding his lair, and Frankenrobot was obliged to roam long into the night.  

Any sensible creature was curled up as small as possible in the deepest burrow it could find in the hopes of avoiding unwanted attention.

  Even the last rat in the area was in hiding, hunkered down in a deep drain hole nervously chewing his tail. Luckily for the rat the robot's antenna were as ill maintained as the rest of his body the centre sensor was supposed to pick up on signs of warm life , but a chunk has rusted off the bottom which limited the robot's perception of depth.

AAAAArrrrgggghhhh growled Frankenrobot, his rubbery lips quivering as he gave vent to his fury.

He had reached the boundary of his domain, at the furthest point from his castle was  the graveyard, where he buried his failures . 

 The sun was now making a vain attempt to lighten the sky and Frankenrobot knew he must return home soon, then suddenly he spotted his victim

silhouetted against the sky too intent on watching the dawn come up and preparing itself to welcome the new day with a song...................................

Sorry it was just that this robot looked like it needed a history, not very christmassy is it?