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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Rabbits plus red, purple and gold

Red,purple and gold, the glorious colours of late summer.

My latest rabbit brooch, which is for sale on Etsy, and some photos which reflect the colours found in this brooch.

These photos were all taken in my garden , mainly today.

The gooseberrries and redcurrents are destined for the freezer, to be made into warming winter pies and crumbles. The damsons I will make into jam.

The tulip and the sarracenia I have included because like the brooch they both have the wonderful contrast of red and gold

I like the redcurrant picture because they look like they have eyes, They remind me of the blackcurrants in the Ribena ad, its actually the lights on my extractor reflecting off them.

The last picture is a close up of a gooseberry, it reminds me of those shots of nebulas as seen via the Hubble telescope. Move back from your screen and half close your eyes to see what I mean!

The leaf with the raindrops on it is a Heuchara in case you are wondering.

I would like to have included a picture of a sunset with these but it is grey and miserable outside. We do not get good sunsets here as we like on the wrong side of a hill.

Thankyou to my husband who helped with the html with this, I haven't a clue about such things.