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Monday, 15 August 2011

cat face inspiration

Lots of spare time on my hands the last week or so,so I've been messing about with a new copy of Corel Photo Paint....

This is the starting point, my entry for the Folksy Maker Faire competition, not sure why it is so fuzzy.
Anyway taking a section of I did this lot of messing about.....

You can see the pictures much better if you click on them.

I love the colours in this, it looks like a silver cat which has been oxidised in coloured rain.

This one reminds my of myriads of fires, lovely warm colours

This just makes me think I wish I had the patience to do scraperboard, but its a bit naff in reality(scraperboard that is)... sorry to anyone reading this that does scraperboard, it just reminds me of those kits you got when young.

This one should sound like "TING", or perhaps just rustle like some christmas tinsel.

I really like this , I have always liked black and white etchings and this reminds me of one.

Ok this one screams "bath soap" at me, is this because I know subconsciously that the pattern a a sponge one? No, I think its the coloured background, sort of old soap colour.It's sort of old lady bathroomy, brass taps faded purple towels. It also reminds me of the view through a bathroom window.
Just smell that lavender..........

Now this one is supposed to be tiles, I blanked out the background as I didn't like the grid effect,close up it is a bit reminiscent of a roman mosaic, but the colours are too metallic.

This one is here because I liked the swirly fur pattern a bit like the swirls on my curly dog brooch. Its a reminder to self to try for this effect in real metal.

This one is also about the fur pattern, the trouble is it would take longer to draw....but the zig zags are nice.

This one made me laugh out loud, jackrabbit cat?

And finally this one was just cute, like those fish eye lense cat photos you see. Asking to be used as the basis for a brooch, or maybe a pendant even? The ears are quite rounded with no sharp bits unlike a lot of the brooches. Watch for more variations on this theme....

This was the final product, inspired by this messing around,it was hell to photograph as it is so reflective,I kept getting shots with my hands and clouds etc in them . If it sells I'll do another with ears more like the sphere effect one above. The ears were smaller in this as it was "designed" in the shed the next day with out the above picture in front of me. I think I prefer the ears above, he does look a bit sad though.
I've also done a jolly pig-dog in this stylee.