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Monday, 17 January 2011

ACEO cat and bird paintings

Quick blog to say that I've been doing a bit of painting for a change.
Smoe of the good people at Folksy have been doing ACEOs and as I have a few small paintings in my notebooks I thought I would list a few and see what people think.

I've googled myself out of curiosity a couple of times lately and come across "links" that mention my fierce cat painting that is on Dawanda, one site seemed to be sugesting you could download the artwork free, luckily it didnt work,or I would have been somewhat annoyed. The other ended up at a blank page with one of those "you may have got a virus, click here to check messages" ie click here so we can give you a virus! I hope nobody uses these pictures for nefarious ends.

Is it worth while trying to sell these?

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