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Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I had a robot week last week,"real" work was very quiet and I've got a new torch to play with.I had to buy it because my old one has gone missing in the house somewhere after my husband borrowed it to use as a gas lighter for my big soldering torch.(whilst taking off a radiator). So here is the result............
He's not very big,about a couple of inches tall or maybe 6 cms, made from brass sheet, brass rod,copper wire and a couple of beads.
he'll stand on his own two feet as long as you dont put his arms at a daft angle.....The arms articulate (wonderful long word to use when I could just say move) because they are attached via bolts to the main body. His shoulders are made from electrical connectors.Does the use of an existing part make him steampunk?

This is the front view
and this is the back, you could view him the other way around if you want,

the legs swivel.................................................and the head comes off

The question (or questions)now is of course would anybody want to buy him?
How much for?
Where would be the best place to list him (apart from my own shop of course)Etsy,Folksy,Dawanda or all 3 and see what happens?

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