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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

long legged birds...brooch to muser

From my long legged bird brooch...................

comes this multicoloured muser plushie, courtesy of Kathryn Muse from Metro Atlanta USA. This is the wonderful thing about online selling you make contacts with people all around the world that you will never meet but your lives cross for a brief time.

She is a member of Etsy's "Ugly cute" team who inspired by another member has started making plushies to go on sale in her shop based on other members creations.So far she has done a Ninja juice box,a fairy, a day of the dead head,some one eyed monster things,a wriggly octopus,and a turtle. And now one of my birdys.

Here is the link to her shop, please go visit

it works if you copy and paste, sorry havn't worked out how to get a link to work yet!

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  1. Very cute! I discovered the doing a link bit is the same way you add a photo..instead of clicking the icon for add a photo, one of the other icons to the left of the photo one is 'link'. Click on it and then you can add the html code & give it a title. I hope that makes sense!