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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My sister's wedding , and cake..............

My big sister got married yesterday it was a lovely day , the weather having turned at last  it was a beautiful sunny day. The service at the registry office in Pershore was in a conservatory , a great setting and luckily at that point of the day not boiling hot yet.
My sister made her own wedding dress and did all the flowers and organising herself . As I've done a few cakes for family birthday dos she asked me to make her wedding cake, so there would be one thing that would be a surprise on the day. the consequence of which is that  I've spent most of my days off for the last 2/3 weeks making cake rather than jewellery. I quite enjoy making and decorating cakes but dont like cake myself so never get to eat my creations. 
 This is the result of all my work................................

 A 3 layer fruit cake with fondant icing,The brief being a cake with a spring/summer pale green and yellow theme. All the flowers should have been pale yellow but faded overnight, perhaps because I used Asda colourant, the green leaves kept their colour perfectly, they were done with proper paste colours . I'll know not to use old food colouring next time. I was pleased with the fondant it was Tesco's own brand and rolled out beautifully,  I bought some expensive sugar paste to make the flowers but it didn't smell/taste nice or have a nice texture, so I went back and bought more Tesco fondant and they worked out fine.   I took it down to Worcester where the reception was, with a kebab stake driven through the layers to stop then moving but despite driving really carefully so as not to damage it but it  slipped to one side of the box in transit and a few flowers were squashed. As a result of lots of reading online cake info and blogs I was prepared with spare flowers and icing to stick on to repair it.. Having made this I can fully appreciate why wedding cakes cost so much. 
And this is the happy couple cutting my cake.
Congratulations Pat and Alan , the new Mr and Mrs Carter.

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