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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dragons (and hoarding)..

This plastic pipe clip above is the unlikely inspiration for my
dragon brooches. I found this in 1988. I know the date as
my early brooches are all dated. This brooch on the right
was made in December 1988 for myself,just after I came
across the clip,the link with the pipe clip is fairly obvious.

After this brooch, I made a simpler cheaper version
of which this brooch which I sold on Dawanda earlier this
year is a descendant. Sadly when I started to write this
I thought "I wonder if I still have the pipe clip?", it
took me all of 5 minutes to find it, even after all those
years. Dragons are said to hoard precious metals and jewels,
is it sad that I hoard anything and everything which I think is
interesting and might possibly come in use one day?
Does anyone out there have a use for 2 dozen vitamin bottles?
No I thought not, but I might one day.

Last week I decided to make some more dragons, in my quest to see what things would interest Etsy buyers. I went down to the library and looked at a few books for inspiration, I found our library is sadly lacking in photographs of real dragons, maybe I should have tried the children's section? So it was down to the drawing board, and several pages of doodling later I came up with these. Descendants of my earlier dragons, these have grown wings.

One (the left) is larger than the other which you cant tell from the photos.
I think of the smaller one as being an immature dragon, he hasn't got the spiny bits on his back yet...(this is fantasy after all, so I can create my own dragon biology).Or perhaps he is one of those swamp dragons a la Terry Pratchett, who knows .

This dragon can hold something in its paws if you want, an artificial flower perhaps, the stem of this lavender is a bit thin, it is all I could find in the garden. One thing I don't hoard is artificial flowers, but you get the idea from this. A romantic rather than macho dragon if he's holding flowers. Perhaps he should be holding a little flag, or an armorial banner. If you buy him you can take that decision yourself.(hint)

Looking at the pipe clip again I see a barking dog.....but that's another story altogether.



  1. I love the dragons, all of them :)

  2. popped in from Foksy..great blog and amazing work.

  3. I have just noticed I have comments! Thank you and welcome I've been trying to decide what to do the next one on , I intend to do one next week...