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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

random ramblings and assorted jewellery

I find I have some new followers and thought I just ought to say welcome.
I am a bit neglectful of my blog as there never seem to be enough hours of the day to do everything I want to do for my jewellery and do a "real " job too.
Perhaps it is the perfectionist in me that wont normally post anything until I've agonised over it for a while.
So I'm glad someone likes what I've done so far.
This week I've made a few new items and remade some one old favorite and one that sold quite quickly.
The small friendly dragon has sold already so I've done a slightly different version, facing the other way and with different wings.

I've also made a flat cat............

I started making these in about 1986, I used to call them Splat cats, but daren't anymore since a certain pottery had started making mugs etc with splat cats on them. I just wish I had some proof it was my idea first!
What else...oh yes I was in a military mood on sunday and made these........

not perhaps my normal fare but I like them, they remind me of the sort of thing the Queen gives out.
and lastly and best of all I have been a featured on the Folksy "featured seller" slot this week which has given me lots more views and more importantly a few new sales so thank you to whoever chooses the front pages.
As a consequence of which I have started listing some of my "olde" collection hitherto unseen on Folksy, just to gauge reactions. And one of the cheaper ones has sold after a couple of days, interestingly it has been on etsy since july and only been viewed 10 times. I cant decide whether to list another on there or not.
The other items I did this week are being saved for the next blog, which I have in the course of writing this decided will be about romance..watch this space.


  1. oops looks like the replacement dragon has just sold...

  2. The flat cats are so cool, I can't describe it. They remind me of my four critters when they are spaced out on whatever imaginary catnip :)