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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hearts and Flowers

Jewellery with a message, hearts and flowers; symbols of love and affection.
Anyone who knows me is aware that I am not a particularly soppy person, so I was suprised at how many different items I have made this year with a romantic theme in mind.

I made this early in the year in the hopes that it might go for Valentines day.along with these......

The brooch went to someone in the summer, it was bought by a man, I hope the recipient of this,(I was going to say his girlfriend but I suppose it could have been for a mother or boyfriend ) liked it. The flying kisses reminded me of a flock of birds especially in this picture where you can just see the reflection of the sky in the heart and the blue wooly background is like the night sky, with the birds flying home into the sunset at the end of the day. The earrings I still have, maybe they dont fit well with the rest of my work so no one notices them.
My next foray into the realms of lurve was the cat with a heart..........

This cute kitty lying on his back is just begging for affection, he has a little pink copper heart. He looks very happy, perhaps he's high on catnip! My cats look at bit like this after a teaspoon or two of fresh cat mint.I suspect he's just inviting you to tickle his tummy so he can grab your hand with all four paws and pretend he's caught a pigeon....Too cynical?

So next I was doodling a new robot, thinking to do one from the side for a change and I was looking for a reason for him to be sideways on, presenting a flower seemed to be a nice idea. Thinking on it again now , maybe I should have made the flower from a watch cog wheel, perhaps next time after this one has sold. In case you are wondering he is standing on the windowledge of the shed that I work in, just about visible behind him is a clock I started making 20 years ago,(o.k. clock case) and standing on top of that the clock I use to time my etchings.And yes those are cobwebs.........

This handsome fellow came next, a new cat again with a flower in his paw. This is the second flower as I melted the first beyond redemption. He looks very pleased with himself. I feel he has just stolen this flower from someones's garden, I dont think cats would have the patience to grow their own flowers, (if they could) but his heart is in the right place. He means well, he just wants to make his owner happy, so that they will tickle him behind the ears and open a nice smelly can of whiskas for him. He knows that that smile would melt the hardest of hearts.

Lastly a new robot who shows off its heart to prove its humanity..... a Wizard of Oz tin man type robot. Its little copper heart is encapulated in clear resin like a tv screen, it's trying to show the world it has feelings too. Maybe it needs the heart becuse it has no mouth. I say it but I think it looks more like a she, as the body is a bit dress shaped. You dont seem to get too many tales about female robots, is it because mechanical things are usualy seen as the domain of males? I'm sure someonee will prove me wrong. There's the one in the old silent movie, Metropolis, and one in that Robots animated film that ran the boarding house. Them aside female robots seem to be weird japanese fantasy items and I'm not going there in this blog...You could read a lot of different things into this image, none of them intended. It was/is intended as a geek present, nothing more or less.
And it has been the springboard for this blog. I just want someone to love him/her/it.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. Awww I love this last robot! She (definitely) is so cute! I don't think she'll be in the shop for long...!